Monday, December 15, 2008

Homeopathy helps to boost our body’s protective system!

Homeopathy has been one of the ways of the getting treatment from ailment for an age. This has been such a kind of medicine practice that has almost lost its touch and glory in India. This has been an age old tradition is places like England and Germany to practice the homeopathy. Homeopathy is totally different medicine practice which is actually taught in the MBBS degree. It has its own identity and it has its own characteristics. But in the fast pace of life it is almost on the verge of loosing its identity as most people now a day prefer the fast and furious approach of medicines. No one actually what is the affect of the medicines on the body. It virtually reduces the longevity of life.

The homeopathy was set up by the 18th century German physician Dr. Samuel Hanneman. He is actually called the father of homeopathy. He felt the side effects of the medicines that causes on the body. Therefore he decided to bring another approach for medicine practice. And he discovered the homeopathy approach for curing people.

According to the homeopaths, this approach is almost free from side effects. And from thereon started the journey of homeopathy.
The homeopathy is said to be totally free from the side effects. The reasons are laid have really strong back up data after the discovery of nanotechnology. The nanotechnology teaches us that the property of the matter changes totally when the particle is divided in nano parts.

This property has been used in homeopathy in the 18th century by the German physician. May be the application we could not have explained at that time but today we have lot of data supporting the way of this very process. As the used particles used in homeopathy are diluted more than thousand times therefore it becomes totally free from any side effect. And it also boosts the basic protection system which is in built in our body.


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