Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mini laptops have become very general using stuff in daily life!

Mini laptops have been in the market for more than two years as a result of decrease in the price. And in these years these have made considerable impact in the market of the desktop computers that people have now been confined to buying desktop only for server usage. Mini laptops are very much user friendly as they can be carried to anywhere without much problem.

Now the characteristics of the mini laptops decide the price of the laptops. Many a times people tend to take the customer specifications for a particular laptop. The processor, the RAM, and all other hardware cost vary according to the market prices.

The most selling specification in the market today is the combination of Intel Core2Duo processor and Intel Motherboard 945 chipset. Along with that the 1GB DDR2 RAM and DVD writer also gets the preference of the user. Some people who are into business go for Linux operating system others generally go with Microsoft windows. Windows Vista is generally preferred over Windows XP for security reasons.

But mini laptops has another big sector which is called the student sector. Most of the laptops are sold in this sector. Most of the laptop makers also have invented many ideas to attract this sector to their company’s product with different techniques. Students generally buy laptops for time pass. Gaming has been another reason for buying new laptops. Those who are into gaming prefer laptops with graphics card. And more RAM is necessary for the smooth running of the game.
Lots of companies have been competing in this sector for more than two years now.

But it seems Dell has the upper hand as this is the most trusted brand. Sony Vaio laptops are very good but price becomes a factor when it comes to buying a Vaio. Acer and LG are good competitors but not good enough to run Dell out of this. Dell’s XPS and Inspiron has been the most selling models in last year.


R.J. said...

ASUS Eee PCs are the way to go. I'm a big fan of the 1000 series, though it was announced that a $200 Eee was going to be released in 2009 - can't wait for that.

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