Monday, December 15, 2008

Yahoo decided to give some of its employees marching orders, India probable of being worst hit!

Yahoo Inc has decided to cut all the extras in their company in order to increase to profit margin for the next fiscal. The recession went all over this very company. This was once in the border of being destroyed by the market decoration. Microsoft Inc was on the verge of buying the company making themselves the lonely emperor in some of the software sectors. But at the last something along with the help of Google saved the existence of this very company.

And now they are very determined to bring back their golden days in the internet sector. And to save the company they have taken some serious decision against the excess expenses of the company.

The blog has of Yahoo has confirmed the thing that Yahoo is going to implement the decision the next year. The most affected sectors from which they are planning to remove the excess are the Human Resource and the finance sector. These have been the sectors which the company feels are some kind of set back from the growth perspective of the company. The company is now running under the shadow of the bigger companies like Google. Now the only aim of the company is to get the tough period somehow in order to make some good progress in the web sector in its own. For that they need to repay the debts under which they are indebted. Therefore this plan is going to be executed sooner.

The reports say that most of the losses were coming from the South East Asia region. And most affected country is India. Therefore it is almost certain that India will be the most affected country by the layoff. The Indian employees were not up to the mark to make some positive progress of company’s liking. Chief executive Jerry Yang has been cruised for his leadership even. So this high profile leader has finalized the list of the probable employees who are going to get the fire order soon.

This will affect the IT development of India too is someway. But as yahoo Inc has been left with no option we have to accept it. Now it is to be seen how many the unlucky people who will get the marching order are.


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